SQLyog 12.09

Provides a database management program that creates backups
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Imports external data from any ODBC compliant data source to MySQL. Also, it is a backup option for your database, providing the option to schedule backups at any preferred hour. It replicates data periodically at scheduled intervals using a checksum based algorithm.

For those MySQL developers who miss the old good MySQL Front, there is a new alternative, they will feel very good working with this new database manager.
SQLyog really surprised me. This software features the simplicity of MySQL Front, with the power of EMS MySQL Admin. This is definitely one of the best database managers for MySQL I ever seen.
Working with it is fairly easy, you will see one icon aside of each option, so it's easier to identify and locate. The GUI is very clear and understandable, and using a desktop application is a little bit faster that using a web based db manager like phpMyAdmin.
Manage multiple servers, databases, tables, indexes, stored procedures...
Perform complex SQL queries, execute scripts, and more.
One of the best features I asked it's present!: A "history" tab, to see, copy and reproduce all the executed queries! (from scripts or from the program itself).
Somehow it resembles Microsoft Query Analyzer a lot! Very suspicious... :P
The reviewed version is the Community (free) version, so it lacks of some fantastic features that are (of course) only present in the "Enterprise" Edition ($99 single user).

Review summary


  • Icons are great to enhance the GUI


  • Nag startup screen and extra menu entries on the Community Edition
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